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Plus Size Community

Why JOIN Plus Town Community?

Encourage Discussion

Members can create separate communities for different groups so they can easily find topics that are relevant to them.

Share and Receive Feedback

Sharing opinions is a big part of our community, and that makes it an excellent place to post some of your work, thoughts or ideas and see what others think of it.

Share Interests and Causes

Participate in conversations with people that have like-minded interests

Increase Collaboration

It gives members a platform to express their views and creativity and ultimately feel like they’re positively contributing to its success.

Seek Assistance and Support

Simply create a discussion and ask your community for help. If everyone posts problems and responds to them, over time it will create a network amongst colleagues that will be actively supporting each other.

Diverse hobbies & interest

It doesn’t matter what field or hobby you’re interested in, you can rest assure that there is at least one large community out there with people that share your enthusiasm

Plus Town

Learn a little more about Plus Town and how we started

We are ll like you and we Created Plus Town Community to share the love, pride and Support for and by Plus size, curvy, thick, big, & tall People in Egypt & Middle East. This is a safe place to help, support, inspire and celebrate Body diversity.

No harassment or creepy comments will be tolerated. Be kind, be respectful and be proud.

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